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In improving schools for students, it is more important to get one system right than it is to pick the one right system.

Video and ideas from the forthcoming Launching Innovation in Schools MOOC that explains four ways that school leaders can support innovation.

Schools that keep getting better are places where the adults love learning with one another and model that passion for students.

When teachers are interviewed about who has the most influence over their teaching practice, the number one answer is: "other teachers."

Using a Connected Courses infrastructure, Kim Jaxon makes epic learning experiences for 100 freshman comp students in one class.

We don't yet know how to design and distribute online learning experiences that target the students who need us most.

Great teachers find compelling questions, provide scaffolding that fades, assess students through performance, and care deeply about their students.

Insights from interviews with MOOC students offer new ideas for how activities within MOOC platforms can support learning outside those spaces.

A new free MOOC from MIT offers an introduction to technology integration in schools.

MOOC developers should focus on the creation of activities and interactives, and less on high quality video.

Students leave MOOCs because they get too busy; can we help them stick their plans better?

MOOC research has a mixed record on helping us understand which students are likely to persist through a course.

Two research studies show that students appreciate the flexibility to pursue voluntary online courses at their own pace, but they benefit from returning regularly to the course activities.

One of the signature findings of MOOC research is the tremendous diversity of MOOC learners. How can we serve them best?

Announcing a new PK-12 focused initiative at MIT, and a new role for me at MIT.