Curriculum Vitae

This document contains my full curriculum vitae. The rest of this site provides links and details to my academic and creative projects. Last updated July 20, 2020.  Download.


The MIT Scheller Teacher Education Program prepares MIT undergraduates for diverse careers in education.

An MIT lab investigating teaching and teacher education

HMS Lecture

Will Free Benefit the Rich?: Fighting for Technology Equity from EdTechTeacher on Vimeo. Keynotes and Invited Talks I speak frequently about learning and technology, addressing issues of leadership, vision, professional development, and equity. My lectures challenge audiences to re-think the possibilities and challenges of learning in a networked world. If you'd like me to speak […]

A course on large-scale learning at the Harvard Graduate School of Education


Books, Chapters, Refereed Scholarly Articles, Op-Eds, Invited Articles, and Other Writing

From 2013-2015, I served as the first Richard L. Menschel HarvardX Research Fellow

Our 2016 workshops for educators and school leaders, now in Cambridge, Chicago, LA, San Francisco, and Atlanta

EdTechTeacher Summits convene educators from around the world for an exploration of how technology can be put in the service of learning.

EdTechResearcher Blog

A blog on Education Week bridging education research, policy, and practice.

Dissertation Research

Research investigating issues of excellence and equity in the use of wikis and other peer production tools in K-12 settings


[one_half] Grants 2015-0217 (PI)  Computational measures of engagement across differences in online courses. Hewlett Foundation Deeper Learning Initiative. $50,000.   2015-2017 (PI) Computational measures of engagement across differences in online courses. Spencer Foundation Measuring the Quality of Civic and Political Engagement. $400,000. 2012-2104 (Digital Innovation Consultant)  The future of learning: Preparing professionals in education for a changing […]

Working Papers

Working Papers, White Papers, and Technical Reports

Berkman Center

Will Free Benefit the Rich from EdTechTeacher on Vimeo. [one_half] Berkman Center Mission The Berkman Center on Internet & Society's mission is to explore and understand cyberspace; to study its development, dynamics, norms, and standards; and to assess the need or lack thereof for laws and sanctions. It is a research center, premised on the […]

Future of Learning

A program in professional education examining the digital revolution, globalization, and insights into mind, brain and education sponsored by Project Zero and the Harvard Graduate School of Education

Media Appearances

Newspaper/Print/Blogs Michael Feldstein, Disruption Disrupted: The Great MOOC Die-Off, eLiterate, October 19, 2019. Katrina Schwartz, Why Competency-Based Education Is Exciting And Where It May Stumble, KQED Mind/Shift, January 2019. Phil Hill, MOOCs in Decline: Insights into multi-year data from MIT and Harvard, eLiterate, January 2019. Doug Lederman, Why MOOCs Didn't Work, in 3 Data Points, Inside Higher […]


[one_third] By the time I was a senior in high school, I knew I wanted to be a teacher. Over the years, I've come to find inexhaustible fascination in learning and schooling. Every decision a teacher makes is tied with gossamer threads to ethics, psychology, sociology, curriculum, pedagogy, organizational behavior, and leadership at scales both intimate and systemic. […]


A project to build a dollhouse with RGB LEDs that can be controlled and programmed through a Web interface.


Michael Pershan's winning entry: What if Khan Academy was Made in Japan? The #MTT2K contest was a satirical curation project designed to encourage educators to closely examine the quality of open education materials and designed to encourage a broader discussion about new technology innovations in media discourse. One of the challenges in imagining new futures […]

Baby;s First Book of Zombies

[slideshow] [/slideshow] [one_half] In 2009, I went to a baby shower. I thought the host’s new son needed a book that could inoculate him to monsters and wizards from a very young age, as the parents were huge science fiction and fantasy fans. No doubt the boy would grow up with Star Trek: The Next […]

Facing History and Ourselves

As Director of Online Community, Research, and Practice, I am helping Facing History transition from a decentralized model of professional development to a scalable, networked, distributed model.