Massive: The Future of Learning at Scale
[slideshow] [/slideshow] Massive: The Future of Learning at Scale examines large-scale learning environments with many learners and few experts to guide them. We investigate MOOCs, cognitive tutors, blended learning, interest-driven learning communities, and other forms on online learning. The course has three sections. It begins with a short investigation into the histories of distance education and teaching machines. We then look “under the hood” of online learning technologies to understand how despite their diverse surfaces, many are powered by similar technologies, such as item response theory or supervised machine learning. We then examine the implications of these learning environments for curriculum, policy, teaching, learning science, and equity. The course embraces a participatory, Connectivist-inspired learning model where students contribute through blog posts, memes, Twitter, and other media. They are archived at and at In spring of 2015, the course will be held at MIT in the 4th quarter, from March 30 to May 12, as 11.S196 for undergraduates and 11.S942 for graduates The syllabus for the 2014 run of T509-Massive, at Harvard Graduate School of Education, can be found here. The syllabus of the 2015 run for Massive at MIT can be found here.