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The Original: MTT2K Episode 1 (June 18)

Revised Khan Videos:

While Watching a KA Video on Acceleration, June 22

Gary Rubenstein, Khan Tenure Hearing, June 24

Rhett Allain, Critique of a Khan Academy Video, June 25

How fast will a rock be moving if dropped from a cliff


Gary Rubenstein, Khan's Got Talent, June 29

Feedback for Sal Khan on Parallax, July 1

Kate Nowak, The Coordinate Plan, July 2
Put Call Parity Clarification, July 4
What's Missing From This Lesson, July 4

Michael Pershan, What if Khan Academy were Made in Japan? , July 6

Gary Rubinstien, SOH KHA TOA, July 11

Gary Rubinstein, The Awwww of Sines, July 13

Throwdown with Sal Khan, July 18

Help, I Khan't Find the Right Video, July 20

Forces: Authority vs. Evidence, July 26

Why is Everyone Bashing Khan Academy, July 26

Mystery Science Theatre 2000 Episode 2 , July 27

Math Doodling with Ga Rube, July 28

Constructive Commentary on Khan Academy's First Fraction Video, Aug. 8

Khan Academy Does Angry Birds, Aug. 9

Khan Academy Does Angry Birds from Dan Meyer on Vimeo.
Shawn Cornally #mtt2k, Aug. 10

Khanspoof815, Aug. 14

S4.100 - Yes We Khan, Aug. 15

Khan's Vision, Aug. 15

Dr. Perdue's entry for #MTT2K: Khan Video Critique, Aug. 15

Understading Imaginary Numbers, Aug. 15

The History Of The Korean War brought to you by UniversiTae and presented by Dr. Tae, Aug. 15

Khan Academy: Rhetoric and Reality, Aug. 15