Wiki Quality Instrument

The Wiki Quality Instrument: An Instrument for Measuring Opportunities to Develop 21st Century Skills in Wiki Learning Environments


On this Web site, we provide several resources for using and adapting the Wiki Quality Instrument (WQI). We designed the WQI to conduct a study of wikis used in U.S. K-12 settings. Our samples of wikis were used in Kindergarten through high school classrooms, in many different academic subject areas, and for many different purposes. Our version of the instrument is tailored to study opportunities for 21st century skill development in this particular context.  For researchers interested in similar contexts, we provide our coding manual, our training guidelines, and our evaluation protocols. We expect, however, that most researchers and educators will be interested in slightly different contexts and therefore interested in modifying our instrument and protocols. As a result, we provide two documents describing the development of the WQI and its protocols, and we also make suggestions for adapting the WQI for educational contexts and for other research contexts.
All of the materials related to the Wiki Quality Instrument on this section of this site are licensed with a Creative Commons CC:BY license, and researchers and educators are encouraged to modify and re-use the materials. We welcome comments and questions, and we would especially appreciate hearing from other researchers using these tools: Our work has been generously supported by the Hewlett Foundation’s Open Education Resources initiative.


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